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    Descharnes Catalogue Raisonee’ (Click on link to see image)

Descharnes’ excellent book is a Catalogue Raisonée which includes all the sculptures that were edited and cast during Dali’s lifetime. If a sculpture or the edition of the sculpture is not mentioned in this main reference book it is not considered real. All of I.A.R. Art Resources sculptures are mentioned in this book with the entire casting editions so that there is no discrepancy and so that there is full disclosure (please see pages 236 to 255).

Descharnes’ Catalogue Raisonée can be bought by the discerning public at the Dali Universe London, the Espace Dali Paris, and on the Descharnes website: http://www.eccart.com.

Please be aware that all relevant information is in the Catalogue Raisonée of Dalí Sculpture, Robert and Nicolas Descharnes, Dalí: The Hard and the Soft, Sculptures & Objects, 2004. We chose to give Mr. Descharnes all of the information regarding our contracts with Dali and our future plans for publishing edition

The ISBN number of Descharne’s Catalogue Raisonée is as follows: 2-9521023-1-7

I.A.R Art Resources Ltd catalogue, Dali : The Sculpture Collection
 (Click on link to see image)

The I.A.R. Art Resources catalogue illustrates the 29 sculptures presented in this website, with photographs and information pages, and also accompanies each sculpture with every sale.

This catalogue may be bought from 'Dali Universe' London and 'Espace Montmartre' Paris or from us directly. Please see our contact page for details.

Dali Universe Catalogue
 (Click on link to see image)

The Dali Universe catalogue accompanies the permenant exhibition The Dali Universe in London. The exhibition is a permanent 30,000 square foot retrospective located on London’s South Bank.

Featuring over 500 works of art, most of which have never been exhibited before in the UK, the Dali Universe showcases extensive collections of his sculptures, rare graphics, jewellery, gold and glass objects, etchings and watercolours. The exhibition also features Dalí’s vast 11 metre-wide mesmerising oil painting ‘Spellbound’ created for the set of Hitchcock’s 1945 Hollywood movie.

The catalogue can be purchased from us directly ( see our contact us page) or from the Dali Universe.

The ISBN number of the Dali Universe Catalogue is as follows: 88-422-0990-2